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This is the HTTP API of Openwords services. This means that the text of an url (that you place in the address bar of a browser) performs a remote query of the Openwords db, and returns the data in the simple 'JSON' format within your browser. The parameters of the query are within the text of the url. The below descriptions illustrate five different kinds of queries (with examples).

The Openwords db has the following structure. There is a large table of words ('words') from many languages. Next there are many connections between these words represented by the wordsConnections table. Both the 'words' and 'wordsConnections' tables have additional information attached to them. A more complete description of the Openwords database will be forthcoming.

Openwords currently hold {{langList.length}} languages, {{totalWords| number}} words, and {{totalSounds| number}} sounds:

{{lang[0]}} ({{lang[2]}}, langId={{lang[3]}}) with {{lang[1]| number}} words and {{lang[4]| number}} sounds

Available Public APIs:


Overview the entire languages information.

Example: /overviewOpenwords


Translate a simple word from one language to another.

wordString, compulsoryThe word to be translated
langInString, compulsoryLanguage code of input language
langOutString, compulsoryLanguage code of output language
Example: /simpleTranslate?word=自由&langIn=cmn&langOut=en


Get all (first 10 for now) the words which look like the requesting word.

wordFormString, compulsoryThe complete or partial spelling of the word
Example: /getWordInfo?wordForm=dict


Get all other words which are connected to the word.

wordOneString, compulsoryThe complete spelling of the word
Example: /getWordAllConnections?wordOne=love


Get all connected words between two langauges.

langOneIdInteger, compulsoryID of language one
langTwoIdInteger, compulsoryID of language two
pageNumberInteger, compulsoryThe page number needed
pageSizeInteger, compulsorySize of each page
doOrderBoolean, optionalWhether order the results
orderByString, optionalOrdering criteria, such as "popRank"
Example: /getLanguageConnections?langOneId=1&langTwoId=98&pageNumber=1&pageSize=5&doOrder=true&orderBy=popRank

Download the words evaluation file in ODS format

Get all the word connections between English and your chosen language, and then contribute your evaluation input!

langTwoIdInteger, compulsoryID of language two
passString, optionalPassword for our permitted participants
Check above language info list and input one language ID at here:

And then type the password at here:

Click here to download


Translate a document of words from one language to another. This service will return an url for the translated document upon success.

fileBinary, compulsoryThe file object of the document
langInString, compulsoryID of language one
langOutString, compulsoryID of language two
placeString, optionalPlaceholder for the words which cannot be translated, if this parameter is not specified then original language one words will be kept in the same place
You can drop your .txt file here (Please use UTF-8 encoding, max file size: 2MB)
HTML5 Drop File is not supported!

You can drop your transcription.txt file here (Please use UTF-8 encoding, max file size: 800KB)
HTML5 Drop File is not supported!

And more later on...